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For centuries, signs of every construction have been used to communicate messages, directions and information. Repetitive images were often duplicated by using stencils, the underlying art used in screen making today.

Screen Printed SignsSigns have become the generic name for all commercial messaging, yet it includes bold, brilliant and clear screen printed signs as well as lighted and formed varieties.

Signs of all types mark stadiums, airports, buildings, highways, transit stations and temporary venues.

Douglass Screen Printers uses an array of plastics, woods and metals with brilliant fade-resistant inks and bold design to create sign graphics that make your message clear.

Say what you like, we’ll sign it…with signs.

Screen Printed Signs
Screen Printed Signs

Sign Size Range:

No size limitation/ product can be tiled

Minimum Sign Order:


Sign Materials:

Plastics, Woods, Metals, Fabrics

Sign Applications:

Stadiums, airports, buildings, highways, transit stations, temporary venues

Typical Sign Products:

Construction, identification, indoor/outdoor advertising, window display, beautification, way finding, parking, architectural, magnetic


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